Olympic National Park Ranger

Yannik and Fabio "Crousoe"

We're in America now, I think that's good. Everyone's been saying for so long now that I'm going to America and then I'm in Canada??? I just called it America anyway. In a town called Vancouver we visited my friend Sandras Oma it was nice, we stayed there for four days, she made apfelstrudel mmmmh lecker, my favourite. But anyway now were in America.

Yannik and sandcastle at Vancouver island

I did something exciting yesterday. We drove through a big rainforest, daddy said it's called a rainforest but there wasn't any rain, just a forest and the trees were so big some were huge. Daddy said it was so nice that he had to take a photo so mama kept driving backwards and forwards until the sun was in the right place. They do this quite a lot so I don't jump down out of my seat now until I'm sure we're really stopping. Olivia was eating her foot and Fabio was sleeping so it was nice and quiet.

Yannik with Barbapapas

Eventually we stopped and we all jumped out. Fabio and Olivia and me all put our wellies and rainclothes on (it's still not raining but daddy keeps saying it's a rainforest). We went into a small house and Fabio thought everything was to touch but it wasn't. A lady gave me a book and a crayon, wow cool, so I took it to mama.

Yannik und Fabio in rainforestYannik and angelswing mushrooms

We sat outside and looked at the book. There were lots of exciting things to do in the book, we had to find lots of animal tracks and birds and flowers and everything and I had to draw pictures of them. We walked along a path and me and Fabio kapt looking for things. Ifound a squirrel, a hole where an animal lives and lots of mushrooms. Fabio found a big yukky yellow slug and he wanted to touch it but I said that's disgusting. Suddenly mama and ne and Fabio heard something, we stopped. I thought maybe it was a wolf or a bear. Then we saw daddies hat behind a tree. Daddy was hiding and making noises like a wolf, silly daddy.

Yannik is sworn in

When we'd finished looking at all the exciting things we went back to the house and a man looked at my book. He said all boys want to ask a ranger a question so I could ask him anything. I just looked at him strangely, what should I ask him?? If he likes Barbapapas? If he's wearing Bob the Builder socks? No, maybe not, he looks a bit oo old and scary to ask that. Mama said I should ask if the mushrooms were poisonous. That was a good idea mama. I asked the man and he sat me on his table and showed me a big book full of mushrooms but he didn't really answer. Then I had to hold my hand up and he said something very serious then guess what? I got a badge and he stamped my book with a yellow slug stamp (just like the one Fabio saw).
Now I'm a Junior Park Ranger. Cool

Yannik the junior park ranger Story told by Jun. Park Ranger Yannik (with a little help from mama)

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