Tegucigalpa Emergency Room

As I watched Grasshoppers jumping Between various bodies lying and sitting around the waiting room, a red cross driver looked about hopefully for a volunteer to help him unload his latest passenger. I began to have doubts.

I then watched in horror as the new arrival was bundled onto a trolley stained with dried blood and covered with used injections and a razor blade. My doubts turned to fears.

But even my worst fears could not have prepared me for the sceen awaiting through the grey swing doors of the Tegucigalpa emergency room. To describe it would somehow be unfair, like talking bad about the dead. Lets just say I felt totally in the wrong place with nothing but a swollen arm.

After 2 hours I was diagnosed with a partially fractured arm and bandaged up with a splint for the next ten days, I was free to go. Without looking left or right, keeping my eyes to the floor, unable to take in any more of the horror surrounding, I left.

(for any of you who didn`t understand the last story in german, I left my arm in the sliding door as Rupert slammed it shut. Hence the visit to hell, oops I mean Tegucigalpa Emergengy Room)