A Baja Califonia Limerick

(Important note for people who don´t know what a limerick is: It is an Irish way of rhyming where every verse has five lines. The first, second and fifth line always rhyme as do the third and fourth. Usually a limerick is funny and shouldn´t be taken too seriously!)


There once was a van filled with five,
that in to Mexico did drive.
What! said the yanks,
where banditos rob banks
and crocodiles eat you alive?

Our adventuous five drove on
and banditos they found none.
Just a cactus filled land.
The bus stuck in the sand.
They couldn´t push, it weighed over a ton.

Things were lookng bad for our friend
as some Mexicans came round the bend.
Laughing out loud,
They gathered a crowd
and a helping hand they did lend.

After surfing the waves like a winner,
it soon was time for some dinner.
Rupert dove for shells,
which gave off strange smells.
On this kind of food they´ll get thinner.

They drove on to a palm lined lake,
where a stop for the night they did make.
They asked with a shiver,
"are there crocs in the river"
before a jump in the lake they did take.

A week passed, it was time to leave.
The ferry tickets they did recieve,
with a helpful tip
from the man on the ship.
On the mainland they rob, steal and thieve!