B.C. Bears & Chipmunks in British Columbia

We've seen the Bears and Moose so can we leave Canada?

Erster Ausflug bei Mt.Rainier USA

After spending some time in Wells Grey and Mount Robson Provincial Parks we're now in Jasper National Park and with every kilometre that we drive the sceenery just gets more spectacular. Marshes and forests line the roadside whilst up above huge glacial mountains tower over us, this is the Canada that we were looking for.

Maligne Lake (Jasper Nat.Park)

In Wells Grey we took to water for the first time and pumped up our adventure boat. After 20 minutes of lazy paddling down the clearwater river we realised that we were being watched. There in amongst the bushes by the side of the river he stood, it was the black bear we'd been looking for since we arrived in Canada. Of course he didn't wait long enough for us to take a photo so you'll just have to imagine him!

Hiking by Lake Louise (Banff Nat.Park)

Whether it was the excitement of seeing the bear or the clear mountain air I don't know but the children certainly slept well that night.

Bootstour im Wells Gray Nat.Park

Yannik, Fabio and Olivia have settled into the daily routine now, it took a few days to adapt and the fact that they all had sickness and diarrhoea for the first two days didn't help! But once they had messed up all the clothes, sheets, blankets and teddy bears that we have with us they got healthy again. So now as we spend our days walking along trails, rafting down rivers or driving over mountain passes they have a great time looking for bears and moose and finding squirrels and chipmunks.

So can we leave Canada now? Of course not, there are still so many mountains to climb, glaciers to admire, rivers to paddle and trails to hike (still looking out for bears and moose)


Takakkawa Waterfall (Yoho Nat.Park)


Is anyone ever finished seeing Canada?

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