Munda, 22. October 99, Two people eat a corn-on-the-cob
Question - How do you amuse a whole town of Pakistanis?
Answer - You buy a corn-on-the-cob (maiskolben) and then eat it!

It sounds simple but it works. We found out when we stopped in Munda a small Town north of Dera-Ghazi-Khan. As we got out of the van we were surrounded by the usual 20 or so onlookers but by the time we had paid for our corn-on-the-cob there were literally 100 people surrounding us, all pushing and showing to get the best view.

We then sat ourselves on a donkey cart and did the unbelievable... Yes we ate the corn-on-the-cob. This was such a big event people standing across the street also stopped to stare. Unfortunately our donkey had enough of being stood on by people getting a better view, so he moved on - leaving us in the midst of these staring people who were by now so close it was impossible to lift the maize to my mouth without the man in front of me being able to bite off a mouthful too. So we escaped on to the roof of Lucky Luke (the surfboard making a very comfy seat). From our new superior position we could watch then better but unfortunately they could also watch us better.

The main road was soon blocked and the lone policeman couldn't persuade anyone to move from their spot. But all good things must come to an end and soon the maize was finished so we climbed down off our seat leaving the people to wonder at what they had just seen. Two people ate a corn-on-the-cob!!!

For anyone who forgot, it was Yanniks first birthday on the 21st October. It's not to late to send a birthay wish! And to everyone who remembered, thank you once again.


Yannik surrounded by 101 Pakistanis

Yanniks first birthday - Islaamabad