Izmir, 14. September 99 "STAVROS SAVES THE DAY!!"
Greece was amazing, from the first sunrise over the misty mountains near Igoumenitsa through to the last night overlooking the harbour of Kavala. As well as enjoying the scenery we also rafted, snorkelled, saw some amazing sights and generally soaked up the sun.

Lucky Luke wasn't so lucky, he had has first teething problems, i.e. we filled up with petrol and he leaked it out all over the garage forecourt. But help was soon at hand and we took a step back and watched in horror as our silent Greek mechanic, Stavros, stuck his head in the motor and repaired the petrol overflow pipe complete with cigarette in mouth! Luckily no-one was hurt and nothing blew up except a tyre a few kms down the road but that's another story (one common to VW van fans Rupert assures me).

Anyway once back on the road again we managed to visit the monks at Meteora and wonder at their majestic monasteries clinging to the tops of huge towering pillars. We also had time to raft down the Pinos river which at the best of times could be described as gentle, that together with a headwind meant we had to paddle overtime just to keep us from going backwards! But we got there in the end and had plenty of time to enjoy the scenery. Also whilst enjoying the scenery one of those freaky coincidences happened that makes you say, 'isn't the world a small place'. Whilst driving along a small windy road in Chalkidiki we were passed by a moped carrying two frantically waving people only to discover it was Joe and Carola, friends from Austria. What a small world!

But now onto more exciting things like border crossings, well it wasn't (exciting that is). After 1 hour of wandering from one official to another we eventually collected all our wee bits of paper and stamps. All that was left was their inspection of the shark (it was more out of curiosity than a real sense of duty) so after we'd shown them a pair of flippers, 58 pampers and a broken insect zapper they seemed happy that we weren't hiding a family of 6 illegal immigrants and they let us through.


Well after 10 months of just having to stick my bottom lip out as far as it will go to be left alone I'm going to have to learn something new as it doesn't work anymore. Since we left the place where I could charm old ladies with a single smile things have gone downhill rapidly. Everytime I leave my moving house to explore outside some man with a brush under his nose always tries to grab me. I didn't know what to do when they didn't react to my quivering lip so I ran for cover behind daddy's hair but it didn't help. Everywhere I go they're there and now I know why, they want to kiss me. YEUGH. Mummy told me I have to say NO, so I'm practising now and I hope before we leave this land of brush face men I'll be able to manage it.



Camping Deck - Bari-Igoumenitsa

Breakfast  - 30km next to Joanina



chalkidiki - we meet Joe and Carola, friends from Austria

Chalkidiki - we meet Joe and Carola, friends from Austria