12. May 2000 - Home is

The last two weeks in New Zealand we managed to go whale watching in Kaikoura, surfing on the many beaches of the east coast and we enjoyed the art deco town of Napier but all the time we had this strange feeling. Knowing that as every day passed we were closer and closer to the end of this amazing journey.

On the 5th May we had to say goodbye to Lucky Luke and as we left him standing alone on the quayside it was a sad moment. Four days later it was also time for us to leave New Zealand and all the friends weŽd made there. The plane took off and we had to pinch ourselves to make sure we werenŽt dreaming, can 8 months really pass by so quickly? But it wasnŽt a dream and 54 hours later weŽd made it to Munich and the other side of the world.

Both our families were there to meet us and after all the hugs and kisses they soon discovered that as well as all the souveniers, photos and films, weŽd also brought something else with us - a sister or brother for Yannik whoŽs been travelling quietly with us since Pakistan!

Now weŽre back in our house, trying to adjust to having all this space. I use the word house and not home because everyone whoŽs seen the drawings on this website will know where home is.....