12. Februar 2000 - Somewhere on a container ship 12 February 2000
It's very dark in here, I think they've forgotton me. There's a rumbling noise and I seem to be moving, maybe swaying but in a very strange way. Sometimes I try to move but it's so small in here I can't go anywhere. I beep my horn but nobody hears me, I heard somebody say we're landing in New Zealand, maybe they'll let me out there.
I hope so, I don't like the dark.

Where are Rupert, Bridge and Yannik???

I think they're on a beach somewhere in Thailand, they're probably swimming, snorkelling and lying on white sandy beaches under the palm trees. I suppose they're enjoying themselves so much that they won't even have time
to write.
Oh well, I'll see them soon I hope and then I'll hear all about it.
I'll say bye bye from my strange home

from Lucky Luke