09. Dezember 99 - MY STORY - from Yannik (aged thirteen months)
After spending so much time in Internet cafes around the world with mummy and daddy, I thought it was time for me to write a story too. There's so much I could tell you about, these last few months have been so full of exciting things.

I've been kissed by a girl for the first time, she was my age and nice too but I think I like this travelling life too much for anything serious. Even more exciting than that was India, there are just so many animals it's amazing. In Pakistan, as well as having my first birthday (how cool is that?), I also learned how to say goat. I was very pleased with myself and every time I said it and pointed at an animal mummy and daddy were very happy with me.

But then we got to India. All of a sudden everything changed, I still said goat to everything that moved but mummy said cow, doggie, camel, elephant, monkey and so many more names I can't remember them. Anyway I think I'm getting better now, I can usually tell the difference between a doggie and a cow and everything bigger is just called a Cow-Cow, simple isn't it? I think that's pretty smart I mean I am only thirteen months!

As well as all the animals we also saw loads of temples and palaces and castles, they were all really pretty but I waited until the nicest one which I thought was Jodhpur Fort and then I walked all around it by myself. I didn't hold onto anyone for help. You know it makes things easier for mummy and daddy, now they can remember exactly where I walked properly for the first time.

After Jodhpur I also walked around a Jain Temple at Ranakpur and of course the Taj Mahal. I would have walked around Udaipur too but mummy and daddy were naughty and took me boating on the lake even though you're not really allowed to, unless the maharaja lets you. But he didn't see us so it was OK. Anyway now there's no stopping me, I'm off whereever I want, But only if mummy and daddy are with me of course.

I also tried some Indian food, it was in Pushkar and I was in a restaurant but mummy and daddies food was taking so long to arrive and I was so hungry. Then I saw a nice old lady sitting nearby and she had her food already so I walked up to her and gave her my nicest smile and she gave me some of her food! I ate some but I always share my food so I gave a bit to mummy. She couldn't eat it because it was too spicey!!! I thought it was quite spicey too but it wasn't that bad, I mean we are in India.

I'm slowly learning how to fix the van too. Every time daddy has to repair something I try to help him. Usually I do jobs like hitting the wheel with a screwdriver or collecting grease on my fingers. I don't know if it helps much but daddy always seems pleased and sometimes even takes photos of me.

Well I think that's all I've got to tell you so Bye Bye




Me with mummy a daddy