Bari, 9. September 99, We're not driving too fast, we're just flying too low!
We've made it, we're on our way although we almost weren't. (and not because of an outstanding item on Ruperts list.)

On Friday morning we received our passports, after what seemed like month of waiting only to discover that Pakistan had written the wrong date on the visa meaning we'd have to get there by the 15th of September. Now Lucky Lucke might be feeling 100% again but not even downhill with a follow wind did we have a chance of making a deadline like that. So after a few frenzied phonecalls and another mad drive to Vienna we managed to sort that one out, but we now have to arrive at the Iran/Pakistan border by the 15th of October. (keep your fingers crossed for us, or press your thumbs for all the Austrians out there!?!)

Anyway, that's why we've driven from Salzburg down through Italy at speeds previously unrecorded by Camper Vans and set the Italian minds on overdrive "well it looked like a Camper Van but 200 Km/h ?" (OK so it wasn't quite that fast)

We did have time to build a few sandcastles with Yannik on the way but not for long then it was back to racing down windy Italian roads and scaring as many as possible (and they thought they were the mad drivers!)

But we're made it down to Bari and as I write we're on the night ferry to Igomenitsa.

Hopefully we can relax now and enjoy some sun, sand and surf in Greece ...


Jesolo - Italien